Nuyorican, Polyglot, Globetrotter.

I’m Gary Berrios, freelance translator and language instructor based in Paris, France with clients in Europe and around the world. I’ve been working in the linguistic field for six years and counting.

I translate websites and documents for individuals,private companies and non-profit organizations. I’m a keen user of Subtitle Edit for documentaries and films.

I consider myself to be a cultural broker who acts as a bridge between different people. In a way, my job is to break cultural and linguistic barriers and bring together people. By doing this, I’m fighting against ignorance.

I also give face-to-face or online English and Spanish classes for those who wish to either gain confidence or improve. 

I’m originally from Queens, New York. Like many other first or second-generation Americans, we were raised between two different worlds. My childhood was juggling American mainstream culture at school and Latino culture at home.This experience has shaped and molded me into the person I am today.  

In 2009, I decided to continue my undergraduate studies in Paris, France. French further opened my horizons. I completed my bachelor’s degree utilizing all three languages. My graduate studies later helped me understand countries beyond their language. Being a translator is not just translating words into meanings; it is understanding the culture. 

I’m currently studying to become a certified medical interpreter to expand my services. When I’m not working, you’ll always find me traveling somewhere. It is quoted that the world is like a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page. In order to become successful, you have to leave your comfort zone and travel to keep learning about people and countries.

ESP: Como traductor, me considero un intermediario cultural que actúa como puente entre distintas personas. En cierto sentido, mi trabajo consiste en derribar las barreras culturales y lingüísticas y unir a las personas. De esta manera, estoy luchando contra la ignorancia.

Como profesor de idiomas, doy a las personas la confianza necesaria para salir de su zona de comodidad cultural y lingüística e intercambiar con alguien de otro país, en otro idioma.

Mis cursos no sólo incluyen ejercicios para mejorar su capacidad oral, sino que también les permite conocer las costumbres y culturas de países angloparlantes e hispanohablantes. Para aprender un idioma, hay que entender la cultura.

Además, puedo orientar a las empresas privadas y públicas hacia el mundo globalizado. Para mí, el idioma es la principal herramienta para ampliar su mercado.



Should you require a copy of my CV for your database, please feel free to contact me.

My qualifications:

Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate (The TEFL Academy- Dublin)

BA (Paris) in Applied Linguistics Studies in French, Spanish and English (University of Paris Diderot).

MA (Cergy-Pontoise) in European Studies and International Affaires with a concentration in Transatlantic Relations (University of Cergy-Pontoise).

Spanish/English Medical Interpreter Certificate (MITS- USA)