Lisboa, Portugal

Title: Alfama

Lisbon is actually the one place that exceeded my expectations from day one.

It is the one city that kept me stimulated visually with its calçada portuguesa

(Portuguese mosaic pavements) and captivating cobbled alleyways. 

It is Europe's best kept secret city.

Arad, Romania

Title: Mişto

This photo was taken minutes before leaving Gara Centrală din Arad (Arad Central Station)

during my visit to Romania in 2016. I really like how the guy on the left poses on his bike.

Hence the reason why I call this photo Mişto, which means cool in Romanian.

Vélez-Málaga, España

Title: Mozárabe

Torino, Italia

Title: Pietro Micca Caffè

My self assignment for this trip was to capture the beauty

in details. In other words, one thing that stands out about Turin.

I am very pleased with this shot even though it took a while to

find that shot.

Ciudad de México

Title: El Zócalo


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